The Kaufmann Mercantile Guilde

The Kaufmann Mercantile Guide: How to Split Wood, Shuck an Oyster and Master Other Simple Pleasures is a collection of all the wonderful and diverse bits of knowledge we should have learned from our grandparents, but didn't. This charming and incredibly useful guidebook is supplemented with expert tips to inspire and empower. Organized into five sections—Kitchen, Outdoors, Home, Gardening, and Grooming— The Kaufmann Mercantile Guide features detailed instructions and original artwork for tasks such as brewing the perfect cup of coffee or fording a stream and reading the sky. 
"This book began out of a curiosity for how we grow, build, and craft the world around us. We discovered that there's an art to a simple task done well - it calls for consideration and creativity, the rolling up of sleeves, and the digging into of details. It means getting messy, and, perhaps, messing up. In our world of modern convenience, doing it yourself is immensely rewarding. And so, consider the book in your hands as a starting point. We hope you, like us, find inspiration in these pages to experiment, to investigate, to create, and to enlighten your everyday."  ~Editors Alexandra Redgrave and Jessica Hundley